2022 Ford F-150 Hybrid Review

Ford’s F-150 pickups are bestsellers vehicle Almost half a century in the United States, and the next All electricity The addition of lightning to the lineup may pave the way for truck-loving Americans to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) all at once. Until then, the first ever 2022 Ford F-150 hybrid ($ 60,545 in testing) is a worthy alternative to provide ample power. In addition to the fuel savings provided by hybrid drivetrains, you can power tools and a variety of appliances on the go through cargo bed outlets. It is also the first full-size pickup to support wireless software updates. So while looking forward to Lightning testing, the F-150 hybrid is a promising start.

F-150 Hybrid Power and Fuel Economy

The F-150 hybrid’s 3.5-liter PowerBoost V6 engine delivers 430 horsepower and 570 lb-ft of torque. The 35kW (47hp) electric motor of the 10-speed automatic transmission reinforces the conventional motor and receives power from the 1.5kWh lithium-ion battery under the truck.Engine and regenerative braking mechanism Please charge the battery..

This all corresponds to fuel economy combined with the city / highway / 4×4 version of 24 miles per gallon (mpg). The rear-wheel drive model slightly exceeds this with a 25mpg urban / composite and 26mpg highway rating. This is then compared to the 20/26/22 city / highway / composite rating of the most fuel-efficient F-150 engine. This is a much less powerful 2.7 liter 6-cylinder engine that produces 300 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. The hybrid drivetrain model has a particularly traction capacity of £ 12,700.

For comparison, the Dodge Ram 1500 is available on a “mild hybrid” 3.6-liter engine that replaces the traditional alternator with a 48-volt motor generator. Suitable for 305 horsepower, 269 lb-ft torque, 19/24 mpg urban / highway driving, and 7,410 lbs of traction capacity.

Cost and function

I tested the XLT4x4 super crew model. This is from $ 43,805. Standard exterior features include 17-inch aluminum wheels with 265/70 R17 all-terrain tires, automatic headlamps with intermittent wiper activation, a black 2-bar front grille with chrome surround, and daytime running lights. , Front toe hook, fog and taillights including halogen, heated manual folding side mirrors, and fuel tank, transfer case, skid plate to protect the front differential.

2022 Ford F-150 Hybrid Storable Console Shifter

(Photo: Doug Newcome)

Inside the cockpit are manually adjustable 40/20/40 front seats, 60/40 flip-up split bench rear seats with elongated seat cushions, color-coordinated carpet and floor mats, upholstery and keyless ignition. Entry, foldable console shifter, tilt / telescopic steering wheel.

Also, an 8-inch touch screen with Ford’s Sync 4 infotainment system, AM / FM HD radio, Android Auto When Apple CarPlay, And Bluetooth for calling and streaming. Rear view cameras with automatic high beam, cruise control, front collision warning with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, post collision braking, rear parking sensor and dynamic hitch assist are all standard safety features.

2022 Ford F-150 hybrid infotainment screen showing driver assist function

(Photo: Doug Newcome)

Our test vehicle arrived with an option of over $ 17,000. In addition to the hybrid engine ($ 4,495), our vehicle comes in a package ($ 5,730) with a 12-inch touch screen, automatic climate control, LED bed lighting, LED side mirror spotlights, remote start and satellite radio. Was included. Other high-value options include trailer towing ($ 1,090), FX4 off-road ($ 1,050), and Pro Power Onboard ($ 750) packages. After considering the $ 1,695 destination and shipping charges, as well as various discounts, the total sticker totaled $ 60,545.

Exterior and interior design

Ford knows it won’t ruin success, and the 2022 F-150 doesn’t look very different from the outbound model. Subtle changes include a lower hood, modified front LED running lights, wheel arch flares, and modified tail lights. As a pickup truck standard, Ford allows buyers to fully customize the number of doors, bed length, and whether it is driven by two or four wheels and choose from a large selection of engines. To

The 2022 model cabin is more sophisticated to better compete with the increasingly luxurious interiors of rival pickups. Our test unit also included an optional new interior work surface for the F-150. At the push of a button, the shifter folds into the center console, creating space suitable for laptops, clipboards, or other work-related items.

2022 Ford F-150 Hybrid Center Console Working Surface

(Photo: Doug Newcome)

Sync sets the criteria again

Ford’s Sync system set the standard for pre-smartphone connectivity 15 years ago and still has one of the best infotainment user interfaces. The 12-inch touchscreen with the all-new Sync4 system is intuitive, but a bit behind, despite being twice as powerful as the previous generation system.

Unlike most car makers that mostly allow connections to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Sync supports Ford’s AppLink platform, which integrates apps such as Tidal and Waze. You can access and control compatible apps via the truck’s touch screen. In addition, the Ford + Alexa app (available on Android and iOS) extends voice control outside the taxi, Smart home skill. If that’s not enough, Sync 4 also includes wireless Android Auto and CarPlay.

With the 2022 F-150’s wireless software update, the company has revamped its on-board technology with features such as Ford’s Active Drive Assist, which enables hands-free driving on over 100,000 miles of split highways in the United States and Canada. You can add it. Other connectivity options include Sirius XM’s subscription-based 360L satellite and streaming services, and the FordPass mobile app (also available for Android and iOS). The latter allows the driver to remotely launch, lock and unlock the vehicle, as well as change truck zone lighting, trailer theft alerts and ProPower Onboard settings.

Ford Pro Power Onboard Outlet

Pro Power Onboard is the biggest selling point. Batteries can power like a generator at work, campgrounds, tailgate scenes, and even at home. The test unit’s ProPower Onboard option delivered 7.2kW of power through either an in-cabin outlet, four 120V, 20 amp outlets mounted on the bed, or a 240V, 30 amp outlet. The same functionality is available for upcoming Lightning pickups, as well as smaller, cheaper Ford Maverick hybrid pickups.

No power shortage

The 3.5-liter hybrid V6 is the most powerful engine available outside the F-150 Raptor and Tremor engine, but it is designed to inhale gas rather than seat pin acceleration. It provides a short burst of electricity-only operation at low speeds, switching from gas to power, and switching from regenerative braking to friction braking is smooth and almost seamless.

Ford fine-tuned the truck’s chassis and suspension for a quieter and more comfortable ride, but noticed that the leaf-spring rear axle (common to pickups) makes it a little more elastic on rough roads. rice field. We also found that in stop-and-go traffic, some of the gear shifts were a bit rough.

Half step to the future of electricity

While all eyes are paying attention to the F-150 Lightning and its electric pickup rivals Chevrolet Silverado EV, Russian R1T, and Tesla Cybertruck — Truck buyers who aren’t ready to leap EV have an F-150 hybrid or an alternative that can’t be run on battery power alone (such as the Toyota Tundra Hybrid or Ram 1500 eTorque). You need to consider. Mild hybrid “). Hybrid pickups won’t completely separate you from expensive fossil fuels, but the F-150 hybrid will improve fuel economy by about 20% over non-hybrid siblings. Pickup trucks also offer a large and comfortable interior that can double as a makeshift mobile office. Also, power tools and other devices at pinch sites or campsites, even if the home lighting cannot be fully maintained when the electricity is cut off (like a lightning can).


While all eyes are focused on Ford Lightning’s fully electric truck, the 2022 F-150 hybrid offers better fuel economy than other pickups and many useful features and techniques.

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