3 Reasons I Drive a 15-Year-Old Car — Even Though I Can Afford a New One

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Keeping an old car makes sense for us so far.

Key Point

  • My 15 year old Prius has some problems and is not the most comfortable car to drive.
  • I can pay for a new car, but I keep this old car for the time being.
  • If you are thinking of replacing your car, first consider whether it has been paid off and is in working condition, and whether the new car you want is available.

The Toyota Prius, which my husband and I bought back in the pre-childcare era, was a great idea at the time. My husband had an 80-mile round-trip commute at the time, so it makes sense to buy a car that is known to be fuel efficient. And while the Prius was too small to fit the family comfortably because it had children, when we were alone, we enjoyed the benefits of being able to park in the city without stress.

These days, our Prius doesn’t meet our needs, and it’s not the best form. At the age of 15, some of the sensors will stop working. For example, even if the tire pressure is good, you will always be warned that the tire pressure is low.

Our Prius also does this quirky thing that the trunk seal closes when the weather is hot. So if you want to get on the trunk between June and September … well, you can’t.

In the meantime, my husband and I are thankfully in good financial condition to buy a car instead of the Prius.Not only have money Savings account Due to the down payment of the car, but we keep our costs considerably lower than our income. As such, our budget has money to pay for the car-this is what we don’t currently have because we have two paid-out cars.

However, we wanted to replace the Prius many times, but now we are sticking to the car 15 years ago. This is the reason.

1. It will be rewarded

My husband and I have a lot of monthly invoices that we have been waiting for.We can afford it every month Auto loan Pay, it’s nice not to have it-especially when living expenses are totally high due to inflation. From our point of view, we own the Prius completely and have it for many years, so it’s better to drive it into the ground.

2. It is possible to drive

As mentioned earlier, our Prius clearly has some problems. However, while some of its features do not work very well, there are no safety concerns associated with the vehicle. Therefore, there is no problem driving in the town.

3. I don’t have a car I want to replace

At some point we know that the Prius needs to be replaced-and that point may come soon. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a car 15 years ago, so the next time you have a major repair problem, you’re thinking of selling the car and using your bottom line to buy it. New one.

However, at the moment, the car that is considering replacing the Prius cannot be used due to lack of stock. Not only that, but when my husband called the dealer to be on the waiting list (in case the Prius went faster than expected), the price he estimated for the car was $ 10,000 above the suggested retail price. I did.

just now, Car prices are going through the roof Due to a shortage of supply chains. But the Prius is still working, so it doesn’t make sense to pay a premium for a new car.

Our Prius has helped us for a long time, at some point, and perhaps soon, but we need to let it go. But for now, it makes sense to keep the car.New cars only cost us more, and ours Car insurance The premium will probably go up with a new car, as its value is much higher than the value of the Prius. So I think we can keep the Prius as much as possible and get some savings.

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