5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Kamal Haasan’s Vikram

Tamil superstar Kamal HasanVikram will be screened at the cinema this Friday. The 67-year-old star has set a new benchmark for Colliwood in his marketing Blitz around the world. In the last 10 days, Kamal has traveled to cities across the country and has traveled to other countries to raise awareness of Vikram’s theatrical release.

But there are other reasons to see Vikram In addition to Kamal’s active promotion. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss Vikram in the cinema.

Kamal HasanComeback

It’s funny to see and read a lot about Kamal when the movie wasn’t released in the last four years. We’ve seen a lot of Kamal since we entered TV as the host of Bigg Boss Tamil after five seasons. He also made more headlines after entering active politics. But he couldn’t see him doing what he was most good at, acting, writing, directing, and so on. Vikram seems to be a complete package that fills the four-year gap. It has non-stop action, Kamal provides a punch line, sings and dances. He wrote and sang the fork number “Pathala Pathala”, and we deserve to enjoy it on the big screen.

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Unique multistar

It’s not every Friday to see the biggest stars of South Indian movies gather in the movie. It rarely happens in Tamil movies. And Lokesh Kanagaraj caused some sort of casting coup by having Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, and Fahad Faasil appear in the same movie.Imagine, you have no clue Surya cameo In the movie, he suddenly appears in Act 3 and surprises and excites you. Lokesh did a solid job during the production to mask Suriya’s presence in the film. Without the eagle-eyed fan who found Surya on the trailer, Roquesh would have stopped this surprise.

Vikram’s Surya.

Lokesh Kanagaraj

Roquesh is only three films, but he was able to acquire a lot of real estate in the Tamil film industry. Since Kaithi in 2019, his growth has been enormous in terms of popularity and influence. He oversaw Manakalam with a lot of new faces, stepped up to Curty for Katie, and then he made a master with Vijay. Before we knew it, he called a shot of a movie starring Kamal Hasan, which he considers to be his mentor. That is the true meaning of success.

Non-stop action thriller

The Vikram trailer promises only one thing: action, action, and other actions. Lokesh investigated the gun for about two months before assembling weapons of all shapes and sizes. From revolvers to high-caliber machine guns that can shoot down large aircraft, he seems enthusiastic about imagining and executing shootouts. The stunt sequence is choreographed by the stunt duo Ambu and Arive. Rest assured that the battle scene will not disappoint us no matter what.

vikram Ichimoku Kamalhasan Kamal Hasan of Vikram.

The beginning of the franchise?

Vikram is the title of Kamal Haasan’s 1986 movie. It was about an off-duty spy who was drawn into an international conspiracy and prevented rocket bombs from exploding. But this Vikram has nothing to do with his predecessor. However, this movie is very likely to be the beginning of a movie franchise. If possible, the movie world of Lokesh Kanagaraj. Enthusiastic fans have already found the scorpion symbol in a drug-filled bag in the Vikram trailer, linking it to a similar package of prisoners. Meanwhile, Kamal also revealed the possibility of making a sequel to Vikram with Surya’s character.

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