Andrea Riseborough to Keep Best Actress Oscar Nomination

Andrea RiseboroughOscar Nominated for Independent Drama”to Leslieis not withdrawn, but her use of social media in her grassroots campaign did not sit well with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

After graduating from film school It announced that it will review the campaign procedure. Following Riseborough’s shocking Best Actress nomination, the board deliberated at a scheduled meeting on Tuesday.

“Based on concerns that surfaced last week regarding the ‘To Leslie’ awards campaign, the Academy has begun a review of the film’s campaign tactics. However, we have identified social media and outreach campaign tactics that raise concerns and are being addressed directly by responsible stakeholders,” said Academy CEO Bill Cramer. said in a statement.

“The purpose of the Academy’s campaign rules is to ensure a fair and ethical awards process, which is a core value of the Academy. It is clear that we need to clarify what constitutes regulation in order to create a better framework for the campaign. These changes will be made after this awards cycle and will be shared with membership. The Academy strives to create an environment in which voting is based solely on the artistic and technical merit of eligible films and achievements,” he concluded.

Since the Oscar nominations were announced, industry pundits and reporters have debated whether the 41-year-old British actor’s winning campaign violated the Academy’s strict rules and guidelines. To Leslie’ made just $28,000 at the box office. That hasn’t stopped the formation of the best actress campaign, along with rumors that the group may have used “aggressive” tactics to target the 1,302 members of the Actors Branch to secure the Riseborough nomination. bottom.

The most prominent potential campaign violations are: since the instagram post was deleted From the “To Leslie” account, which quoted excerpts from Richard Roper’s Top 10 Movies of the Year, he referenced Riseborough’s fellow Best Actress nominee Cate Blanchett (“Tar”).

variety Spoke with multiple anonymous AMPAS voters Over the past week, a majority agreed there was no wrongdoing and her nomination should not be revoked. It has happened only nine times in the Academy’s history.

In the Academy’s initial statement after announcing the nominations, the name Riseborough or “to Leslie” was not specifically mentioned.

“We will be conducting a review of our campaign procedures regarding this year’s candidates to ensure they are not violating our guidelines and will inform you if any changes to our guidelines are necessary in the new era of social media and digital communication,” the statement read. “We are confident in the integrity of our nominating and voting procedures and support a true grassroots campaign to deliver superior performance.”

Each year, the Academy and its board meet after the ceremony for a post-mortem to discuss possible changes to the show and its rules. Updates and revisions to rules and regulations are oscar Wedding ceremony on March 12th.

Academy CEO Bill Cramer has also sent a letter to Academy members, echoing many of the sentiments in the statement.

Dear Academy Members,

As many of you are reading, there have been some concerns about the recent campaign. Through our review, we uncovered social media and outreach tactics that caused concern. We have addressed these concerns directly with those responsible.

The purpose of the Academy’s campaign rules is to ensure a fair and ethical awards process. This is a core value of the Academy. Clearly, there is a need to clarify what constitutes these regulations in order to create a better framework for conducting respectful, inclusive and impartial campaigns. The Academy continuously evaluates and evolves its policies, rules and procedures. These changes will be made after this award cycle and will be shared with your membership.

We want our members to base their Oscar votes solely on the artistic and technical merit of the film or achievement in question. The integrity of our esteemed institution depends on it. Please ensure that you adhere to the Academy’s Code of Conduct and current Award and Campaign Rules for the final vote. Also, refrain from publicly discussing your voting preferences or trying to persuade others to vote as well.

If you have any questions about these rules and regulations, please contact As always, thank you for upholding the values ​​of the Academy. Our members help define who we are as an organization.Great films and artists will be recognized at the Academy Awards on March 12th. Please join us in celebrating them.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Bill Kramer
chief executive officer

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