Aryan Khan wishes his ‘baby sister’ Suhana Khan on her Bollywood debut with The Archies : Bollywood News

Netflix and Tiger Baby announced the cast of their next project on Saturday. Arches.. Set in the 1960s, this musical drama is directed by Zoya Actal and starring an exciting and fresh ensemble. The film will feature Mihil Ahuja, Dot, Kushi Kapoor, Suhana Khan, Yubraji Menda, Agustia Nanda and Vedan Rina.

Arches Khan wants his “baby sister” Suhana Khan in a hindiwood debut with Arches

After the announcement, Aryan Khan saw the Instagram story and wanted a “baby sister.” This was his first post on social media since he received bail in a drug bust case last October.Share posters Arches, Aryan writes: I’m going to kick his ass. () The teaser looks great Everyone looks great. You kill it. “

Shah Rukh Khan also took him to social media to celebrate his daughter Suhana Khan’s big acting debut as she advanced his legacy. “Remember Suhana. You will never be perfect … but being yourself is the closest thing to it. Be kind and give as an actor … brick bats and applause are you It’s not … what’s left on the screen to get a part of you is always yours … you’ve come a long way … but the way to people’s hearts There’s no end … let’s walk and make as many smiles as possible … Camera and action! “Writes Sharq.

Suhana immediately replied to his post, saying, “I love my dad,” with a red heart emoji. SRK replied, “I miss @ suhanakhan2 with you. Please take a break from work and hug me back !!”

In response, Suhana said, “@iamsrk misses you. There are no days off. I’m working as an actor now. It’s a joke!”

In another memo, he states: A small step towards the most beautiful profession. “

Earlier that day, to celebrate her daughter Suhana Khan’s acting debut, Gauri Khan used social media to share a video from the filming of the Netflix cast announcement. She writes: “Congratulations … # Great for all the great kids and teams at The Archies, and guided this journey better than #ZoyaAkhtar !! You were Suhana !!!!!!!”

The seven actors play the beloved characters of the very popular Archie Comics. Featuring casts and catchy music tracks by Uncle Tewari and Islanders, the announcement will help you get a glimpse of the world Aktal is committed to bringing to an audience around the world.

Log line says Arches Is a musical experience full of youth, rebellion, friendship, first love, and all youth, and still promises to bring something to all generations.

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan is busy working on IPL2022. He has also played in several matches in support of Kolkata Knight Riders, co-owned by his father Shah Rukh Khan.

Read again: Shah Rukh Khan asks Suhana Khan to take a day off from filming Arches and hug him.She replies, “I love my dad.”

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