Best Death Knight races in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Death Knight is a hero class originally introduced World of Warcraft In 2008 Rich King’s wrath Expansion, and WotLK Classic In the near future, many gamers are planning to take classes later this year.

Powerful plate wearers are both melee DPS and tanks, starting at level 55. Therefore, players can only create one of them on a particular server.

Probably the most important thing to think about when creating a death knight WotLK Classic That is the race.Unlike other classes, Death Knight can be created as any race in the game. anger..

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Therefore, choosing a death knight race is complicated and depends greatly on how you use your character. Will the character be Horde or Alliance? Is it mainly used for PvP or PvE? Finally, do you use it as a tank or as a damage dealer?

Answers to all questions will help determine the race for creating the DK, but ultimately, unless you’re in a very high-end assault guild or trying to become a top PvPer. , It will be a personal matter. Preference.

The best death knight race World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic


Horde players have access to orcs, trolls, taurences, undead, and blood elf, but there are some outstanding options for players, depending on whether they are tanking, dps, or PvP.

From a PvP perspective, orcs are a particularly useful option as commands, ax specializations, and blood furies help increase damage to other players. Hardiness, on the other hand, gives a little stun resistance that can be useful for classes like Rogue.

Similarly, with Da Voodoo Shuffle reducing crowd control and Regeneration regenerating health, Trolls could become a viable DK option. In addition, Berserking is a powerful 3 minute cooldown.

In terms of PvE, Trolls and Orcs probably stand out as top races for DK players who want DPS. Like other legacy extensions to date, Blood Fury and Berserking are powerful cooldowns. Thanks to the way the command boosts Unholy DKDPS and the Ax Specialization, the orcs probably have a slight advantage.

If you’re looking for a tank as a DK, Trolls will probably have a slight advantage over Orcs due to the regeneration and threat generation from Berserking. In addition, due to the silence of the AOE provided by Arcane Rent, you can consider using the Blood Elf as a DK tank.


Alliance players can create Death Knight Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Gnomes, or Drainays. Like Horde, there are some races that stand out for different reasons depending on what you’re running.

Humans are probably your most balanced choice and they act as the strongest in PvP racing. Perception changes from a cooldown to a less powerful passive ability, but it’s still useful against stealth enemies.Everyone for himself is a new race to WotLK A 2-minute cooldown is great for keeping crowds out of control.

From a PvE perspective, humans are still one of the top options, but for a variety of reasons. Sword and mace specialty, WotLK It’s still convenient. Draenei is another powerful race because of the Heroic Presence race passive, which gives players in the group a 1% hit buff.

If you use the Alliance DK primarily as a tank, we encourage you to consider other racing options. Stoneform is a very useful tool that dwarves offer as a two minute cooldown to strengthen your armor. The Night Elf’s passive ability Quickness increases the player’s chances of dodging attacks. Both of these abilities make Dwarves and Night Elves the strongest tanking options for Alliance Death Knights.

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