Bruce Willis’ Team Responds to Randall Emmett Accusations

Shed light on the problem. Bruce willis‘ lawyer, Martin singerResponded to the producer’s accusation Randall Emmet I knew about sixth sense Of the actor Health problems But he kept working anyway.

“My client was able to do the job he wanted to do, just like many others who were diagnosed with aphasia and could continue to work, so he continued to work after the medical diagnosis. “It was,” said the singer. Los Angeles Times For an article published on Thursday, June 30th. “Because Mr. Willis starred in those films, they were able to get the money. As a result, literally thousands of people have jobs, many of them in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

March, 67 years old Die Hard The star’s family has announced that he will retire after he quits acting. Diagnosed with aphasiaNerve disorders that affect communication skills.

Prior to his retirement, Willis worked with 51-year-old Emmet on a number of films, including the producer’s directorial debut. Switchgrass midnight..according to Los Angeles TimesEmmet told his fiancée at the time Lala Kent That Hard kill The actor had a hard time making the movie.

“I can’t do this anymore” Kent I remembered what her ex-fiancé told her On the phone heard by two other witnesses. “That’s very sad. Bruce can’t remember his lines. He doesn’t know where he is.”

The Irish The producer said he said Willis’s health declineIn a statement to Los Angeles Times..Outlet reported that he made five more movies at pulp fiction Later actor Switchgrass midnight..

The alleged call to Kent was made long ago in September 2020. Willis’s Health Struggle It has been published.But according to Alicia HavalandProperty master on Switchgrass midnightThe state of the actor was an open secret of the movie set.

“Our stunt coordinator said he was having a hard time,” said Haverland. Los Angeles Times.. “Our first AD saw him struggling. You need to be blind to avoid seeing him struggling.”

Outlets reported that several crew members witnessed Willis need significant help to get through the scene.

In addition to concerns about his work relationship with Side business Emmet is also currently facing allegations of abuse against women, employees and business partners as the actor’s health deteriorates.His spokeswoman Sally Hoff Meister Denied these allegations against Los Angeles Times..The silence producer According to the outlet, his company, Emmett / Farla Oasis, is currently facing nearly 12 proceedings.

that day Willis’s family Emmet, who announced the diagnosis of aphasia, used Instagram to Moonrise Kingdom actor.

“Bruce and I have worked on more than 20 films together. He’s a great actor, a legendary action star, an incredible father, and a close friend. I’m this difficult Full support for Bruce and his family at the time and praise his courage to fight this incredibly difficult medical condition. Bruce is always a member of my family, “he said with an action star. I added a caption to my candid photo.

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