Cameron Diaz To “Un-Retire” Via Netflix Film ‘Back In Action’ With Jamie Foxx – Deadline

Cameron Diaz ((((Charlie’s Angels) Is out of retirement Netflix Title movie Return to actionShe starred on the other side Jamie Foxx ((((Day shift).

The story of the action comedy is obscured, but Seth Gordon (Horrible boss) Is directed from the scribe he wrote as Brendan O’Brien ()neighbor). Bow Baumann (Central intelligence) Is producing Good One Productions with Gordon in Exhibit A, produced by executives from Foxx, Datari Turner, O’Brien and Mark McNair.

Foxx teased a new project on Twitter this morning via an audio clip of a phone conversation with Diaz. Diaz confesses that “she is very excited” but “worried” about her returning to her acting. Diaz says, “I don’t know how to do this, do you know?”

Later, it was Tom Brady who appeared on the line to provide her with “some tips on how to revoke retirement.” The NFL icon Foxx is called “GOAT”. Announced his retirement After 22 seasons in February, go back to that decision A little over a month later..

“Cameron I hope you’re not angry. I recorded this, but now I’m not going back. I had to call GOAT to get another GOAT back,” Foxx captioned in the post. I attached. “@Cameron Diaz and I have resumed activity – a new movie by @NetflixFilm. Production will begin later this year !!”

Diaz officially confirmed his retirement from acting in 2018, the last appearance on the functional side in Will Gluck’s musical adaptation. Annie For Sony.The beloved four-time Golden Globe nominee is best known for her turn in movies such as: Bad teacher, Night and day, Shrek When Charlie’s Angels Franchise, You in me, What’s happening in Vegas, holiday, New York gangster, Vanilla Sky, Any Given Sunday, Being John Malkovich When There’s Something About Mary, Above all.Whether she returns to acting consistently immediately after her Return to action Not clear yet.

Foxx won the Oscar in 2005 RayLand the second nom in the same year collateral..The decorated actor was recently seen Spider-Man: No Way Home And then in a movie that includes JJ Perry’s fantasy photos Day shiftYuel Taylor’s They cloned TyroneJosh Green Baum StrayMaggie Betts’ burialNick Cassavetes’ God is a bullet,comedy All Star Weekend What he supervises, and Brad Furman’s action photos Tin SoldierAmong other projects.

Despite Brady’s involvement in Foxx’s Twitter announcement, he officially Return to action.. Listen to the clips featuring Foxx, Diaz and Brady below.

Diaz is in charge of LBI Entertainment and Jackoway Austin Tyerman. Foxx by CAA, LBI and Johnson, Shapiro, Slewett & Kole; Gordon, Offer, Weber & Darn by WME and Sloan; 3 Arts Entertainment, UTA and Hansen, Jacobson, O’Brien by Teller.

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