Celebrating the faces of Canadian farmers at Downtown Diner

Representative farmers throughout the event Egg Farmers CanadaChicken Farmers CanadaTurkish farmer Canada When Canadian hatched egg producer Emphasize the importance of made-inCanada While talking to major government stakeholders Ottawa Disclosure about agriculture in Canada..

“As a farmer, I am proud to be able to sustainably produce high quality food so that we can feed and give back to the local people in a meaningful way.” Anneke Donkers-Stickney, Ontario Egg farmer. “Opportunities to meet people from all disciplines and talk about where their food comes from and how family-owned farms like me support my immediate communities and people and businesses across the country. It’s great to have. “

“Downtown Diner is an exciting way to turn to Canadian farmers, showing why Canadian agriculture is so important to the well-being of our population.” Brian Birks, Chair of Canadian Hatchery Egg Producers. “Our food system is strong and will continue to be strong thanks to our support for the next generation of farmers and the communities we serve.”

This year’s new Downtown Diner menu includes three recipes that won the 2022 Parliamentary Recipe Contest, bringing together Parliamentarians and Senators from around the world. Canada Submit your favorite dish with Canadian chicken, turkey, eggs, or all three combinations.Around the event, Canadian poultry and egg farmers $ 20,000 Support the entire food bank Canada..

“I’m proud to represent Perth’s horseback riding. Wellington is the place with the highest number of chicken farmers. CanadaAnd I am very pleased to acknowledge the important role Canada’s Poultry and egg producers are addressing the critical issue of food insecurity by supporting local food banks. Canada“MP said John NatelOne of the three winners of the 2022 MP Recipe Contest.

About Egg Farmers Canada

Now in that 50 years Canada’s Major agricultural organization, Egg Farmers of Canada Control the country’s egg supply and promote egg consumption, representing the interests of regulated egg producers from coast to coast.visit eggfarmers.ca For more information.

About chicken farmers Canada

Chicken Farmers Canada I am in charge of chicken that is bred in Japan and sold commercially. Canada..Chicken Farmers Canada On behalf of 2,800 coastal to coastal chicken farmers, we ensure that the chickens that reach the Canadian table are safe, delicious and up to the highest standards.visit Chickenfarmers.ca For more information.

About Turkish farmers Canada

Turkish peasants Canada (TFC) is a representative national organization Canada’s Over 500 Turkish farmers. Established in 1974 under the Federal Agricultural Products Agency Act, the agency encourages cooperation across the Canadian turkey industry, promotes turkey meat consumption and oversees the turkey supply management system. Canada..visit turkeyfarmersofcanada.ca For more information.

About Canadian Hatchery Egg Producers

Founded in 1986, Canadian HatchingEgg Producers (CHEP) British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario When Quebec.. Our mission is to continue to grow the profitable broiler hatchery industry. Canada To ensure a strong, efficient and competitive industry and a reliable supply of high quality broiler hatched eggs to the Canadian chicken industry.visit chep-poic.ca For more information.

Source Egg Farmers of Canada

More Information: Media Contact: Egg Farmers, Canada, Senior Public Relations Officer, Elissa Sachs [email protected] 343-777-6433

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