Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a perfect co-op game

Dear polygon,

I like to find games that I can play with my wife (not necessarily co-op). The most successful game we played with was Samorost 3. Atmosphere, puzzles, creativity, we both enjoyed it very much. I personally play a variety of games, but it can be a little difficult to find one that my wife and I can talk to or play together as a single player game. Something with her story, some puzzles, and interesting aesthetics can draw her in!

We are keen to explore some of Amanita’s other games like Samorost 3, and we both love cats, so we’re looking at Stray. It’s a bit limited, as my wife also tends to get motion sickness when watching video games that flutter or look around the first person’s head too much.

— Brett

Hello, Brett. Finding the right game to play with the companion is very important. The wrong game can cause confusion and frustration for both players, especially if one is less experienced than the other. If you’re looking for a collaborative experience, you probably don’t want to play competitive classics such as: Mario Party Or like a fierce game with lots of input Overcooked.. Finding the right cooperative game was an absolute struggle for me. Especially when playing with friends and family who are not as familiar with the game as I am.

I’m not always looking for a game to play together, but I think there’s still the perfect game.And it’s just Occur cooperate.

My husband and I sometimes play the following competitive games Overwatch Together, we both have a lot more fun when there is collaboration.He’s not as interested in games as I am a bit I was frustrated that he couldn’t keep up. But last year, we found one game that was right for us. Chicory colorful story..

Chicory colorful story Is a 2D adventure game about a dog with a paintbrush that needs to bring colors back into the black and white world. When Chicory, a famous painter and paintbrusher, stops painting, it is the player’s job to take over. The most exciting element (at least to our readers) is that you can play with two players, one can navigate the dog’s pizza around the world, and the second player can control the paintbrush. (Pizza is a canon name for dogs, but choose a name based on your favorite food. For me, pizza would be named watercress. For review editor Mike Mahdi, dogs would be Kathatora. )

Each of these players has different abilities, all of which are key to the solution. chicoryPuzzle. The player who controls the pizza is responsible for navigating the real game world. The pizza will move where the controller tells you. This player is responsible for manipulating puzzles, interacting with the environment, and talking to characters that cannot be played. Paintbrush players, on the other hand, are responsible for coloring the world. The paintbrush moves independently of the pizza, and the second player is free to use different colors and brushes. They have the fun of coloring everything, but it’s still an important part of the game.many chicoryIn the puzzle, you need paint to adjust the world in important ways. For example, it takes color to make a flower bloom, and when it is in bloom, it becomes a bridge for pizza to pass through. When uncolored, they return to small flowers and the pizza cannot pass by.

These types of puzzles are extensive in terms of difficulty and involvement of both players. The fun of it is to understand which bits move and change, and how colors (or if) change the world in an intriguing way. This is multiplayer dynamics, where players need to talk to each other, ask for help, and come up with ideas during play. But when both players eventually understand each other and the language of the game very well and don’t have to ask for the same help, it’s really fulfilling.

I think it may be something you and your wife really enjoy. A truly beautiful game with a nice design, a real heart, and an inspiring story— Personally, last year was my favorite game!!

I also want to thank you you recommendation!Never heard Samorost 3 — Or either the Samorost game — before reading your letter. The art style is great and I can’t wait to try it. Chicory colorful story It looks completely different, but I would love to hear how you and your wife do it well.


PS: Citizen Sleeper Another game that my husband and I are playing together. Being a single player, one is in control and the other is in support of decision making. It’s like a digital tabletop role-playing game with lots of reading and decisions. Your wife definitely won’t get stuck here!

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