Closing arguments begin in Nipsey Hussle murder trial

Closing arguments for Nipsey Hussle’s murder trial began in Los Angeles when prosecutors claimed that his murderer was tied up with plans to shoot two loaded weapons and a wrapper.

Rapper was killed during Nemesis Eric Holder According to prosecutors, at least 13 bullets were dropped from semi-automatic weapons and pistols in front of a marathon clothing store in South Los Angeles in 2019.

Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said Holder had deliberately killed Hustle and injured the other two, claiming that the killings had nothing to do with “terrible claims.”

“He approached the group and told Nipsey Hussle,’You’re done,'” McKinney told the jury. “He didn’t say,’I’m not a whistleblower … why are you talking about me?'”

“The motive for killing Nipsey Hussle tells you that it had little or no connection to their conversation. [Holder] There was already existing jealousy for Nipsey Hussle. “

Holder murder trial Started earlier this monthIt’s been over three years since I shot down Hustle (whose real name is Elmias Joseph Asgedom) on March 31, 2019.

Defendant Eric Holder, 33, faces an attempted murder and an attempted murder.
Eric Holder in the center sits next to lawyer Aaron Jensen on the left during closing arguments at a trial in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 30, 2022.
Eric Holder sits next to lawyer Aaron Jensen during closing arguments at the June 30, 2022 trial.
AP / Frederick J. Brown

Los Angeles County deputy civil servant Aaron Janssen said the holder shot the hustle with passion as the “rack in the middle” rapper accused his client of being a snitch.

Holder, 32, faces multiple crimes, including murder, attempted murder, and possession of a felony firearm.

McKinney said Thursday that the attack on the hustle was “personal” and the video footage showed the holder kicking the hustle while the rapper was bleeding to the ground and fighting for his life. Said showed.

Nipsey Hussle
Nipsey Hussle is said to have called the holder a snitch.
AP / Marcio Jose Sanchez

Hustle and his accused murderer grew up in the same neighborhood and belonged to the same street gang, Rollin 60s Crips. The similarities between the two men ended there, McKinney told the jury, as Hustle won the stardom in his music while Holder struggled with his own rap career. I did.

“If people succeed, they make money and leave the neighborhood … this guy was different,” McKinney told the jury when he posted a photo of Hustle’s smile on a big TV screen. “He wanted to change the neighborhood. He invested in the neighborhood — and the neighborhood loved him.”

Janssen admitted to the jury that his client had shot the hustle, but denied that it was planned. He said Hustle’s accusations that Holder was a whistleblower offended his client.

Eric Ronald Holder Jr. accused of murdering rapper Nipsey Hussle.
Hustle was killed when enemy Eric Holder allegedly dropped at least 13 ammunition from semi-automatic weapons and pistols.
Back grid / back grid
The opening statement of the crime scene in the case of Eric Ronald Holder Jr.
The tragic incident took place in front of a marathon clothing store in South Los Angeles.

Janssen said Holder should have been charged with voluntary manslaughter rather than murder. The lawyer claimed that the client did not know the other two men (Kelly Reisan and Shelmi Servinta Villanueva), so he did not intend to shoot them.

However, McKinney said Thursday that Holder planned to kill him.

“Evidence showed that he was willing to kill everyone in the space and went there,” McKinney said. “Nipsey was clearly the target, but (Holder) was willing to kill or drive everyone away.”

Reisan, 56, was seriously injured in a back shot and is now in a wheelchair in a convalescent home. Reisan’s nephew, Villanueva, was only grazed with bullets. Both men testified during the trial.

The trial continued on Tuesday after the holder was informed Attacked by a prisoner After he was returned to jail after he left the court on Monday.

McKinney will continue his closing argument on Thursday, followed by defense.

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