Compass Mining Expands to Serve Enterprise Clients, Providing a Cost-Effective Means for Funds and Family Offices to Gain Exposure to Bitcoin

New White-Glove Services will allow Large-Scale Bitcoin Mining at Low Operating Costs

NEW YORK, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Compass Mining (“Compass” or “the Company”), the world’s first and largest online marketplace for bitcoin mining hardware, hosting, and reselling, today announced the launch of their new white-glove services for large-scale and enterprise clients, allowing funds and family offices to mine bitcoin with minimal operational lift.

Now, with the help of a team of mining advisors, Compass Mining is able to offer hassle-free bitcoin mining to enterprise clients. Tailored to meet the needs of large-scale clients, funds and family offices can mine bitcoin seamlessly, without having to plan logistics – it’s the easiest way for enterprise clients to increase their bitcoin exposure. Clients simply consult with Compass Mining Enterprise Client Executives to align their goals, and Compass takes care of the rest by securing, hosting, and optimizing their mining portfolio at verified facilities, offering competitive operating costs.

Ro Shirole, Chief Growth Officer of Compass Mining, commented on the news “Now with Compass’s size and scale of nearly 12,000 unique mining customers, we have access to more cost-effective mining devices, wholesale hosting infrastructure, and we can pass on those savings to our enterprise clients for convenient and competitive operational costs – we’re the most streamlined, scalable, and trusted bitcoin mining solution for enterprise clients in the market. We have earned our stripes by providing an unparalleled customer experience for our valued retail clients, and we are now able to expand upon our existing presence and offer our services to large-scale miners as well, without forgetting about our small-scale retail clients. We value all our clients, large and small, and they will be able to leverage Compass Mining’s vast knowledge base to get mining, keep mining, and optimize their respective portfolios for continued growth.  Our team is committed and thrilled to extend our reach and continue to make each and every client ridiculously happy.”

Shirole will lead the dedicated enterprise sales team. Having recently joined Compass Mining, Shirole has been tasked with expanding Compass’s reach to include both traditional retail clients as well as large-scale and enterprise clients, while improving client success by broadening the means by which Compass can be a partner and advisor for its valued clients.

“At Compass Mining our goal has always been to make bitcoin mining accessible to everyone, and we are excited to ramp up our efforts to serve enterprise clients as well as retail clients,” commented Whit Gibbs, CEO of Compass Mining. “We are continuing to lower the barriers of entry for bitcoin mining, and we are proud to provide enterprise clients the easiest and most cost-effective way to mine bitcoin on a large scale.”

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Compass Mining is a bitcoin-first, proof-of-work mining hardware and hosting company on a mission to strengthen Bitcoin’s network by democratizing hash rate. Compass’ mining marketplace offers easy procurement, deployment of mining machines, and resale for enterprise and retail clients. Compass also produces industry-leading research and educational content through a variety of tailored media product offerings. Mining is a notoriously opaque sector of the Bitcoin industry, but Compass now guides everyone’s path to successfully mine bitcoin. Thanks to Compass, now everyone can mine bitcoin.      

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