Derek Jeter Breaks Silence on Rumor He Gives Swag Bags to One-Night Stands

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Derek Jeter Not only is he the perfect professional on the field with over 3,000 hits, 14 all-star selections, 5 Gold Gloves and 5 World Series championship rings, he’s also the greatest he’s ever played. Be one of the New York Yankees. It’s a game, but it’s also far from the stadium.

Yes, the Yankee captain loved parties, but there was a trick to keep his name away from the tabloid headlines. “Whatever I’m doing, I was trying to hide it,” he says. captainA seven-part documentary premiered on ESPN on July 18th.

Directed and produced by Randy Wilkins Spike Lee, captain It highlights how Jeter was able to get a firm grasp of the off-field image through a series of clever tricks. He deliberately creates a vanilla public persona with few answers to all media questions. He also cleverly avoided many precarious situations, such as the shooting at a nightclub on December 27, 1999. DidiHis girlfriend at the time Jennifer LopezAnd rapper Shine.

“We were eating in a place called Chrony. Puff hit me with a Skytel Motorola pager. He said,” I and J. Law are going to be here tonight. This is where we go. Club New York … Bring Derek here tonight, “recalls Jetters’ best friend Mike Evans. “And Derek said, do you know some of you? I’m going to sleep. I played the game tomorrow. We missed passing by. inch.. “

“We were lucky,” Jeter added in the movie. “My name would have been part of the story because we were right there.”

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Jetter was often dissatisfied with the tabloid media in New York and believed he was guilty of applying the double standard.

“Members of the media — they didn’t ask Bernie around [Williams] What he and his wife did the night before.They didn’t go out and ask Tino [Martinez] Or where did Paul O’Neill eat, how late he was there, and with whom, “Jetter explains. “So I didn’t think it was fair to ask me. You know, I think you need to draw a line. I drew a line at a very young age, And I didn’t mean to let them go over it. “

Despite dating famous beauties such as Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, Minka Kelly and Adriana Lima, it’s not. 2 As for his personal life, he was able to keep the media at his arm length.It all changed in 2011 New York post Ran story With the flashy headline “JETER’S BOOTY HAULS”. The work mistakenly claims that Jetter “layed a lot of beautiful women on the Trump World Tower bachelor pad and then calmly sent them home alone with a signed souvenir gift basket.” Gave the same stolen goods to the same woman.

“Derek takes the girl to his apartment in New York and drives home the next day. Waiting in his car is a signed Jeter memorabilia, usually signed. It’s a gift basket with baseball, “said a female friend. Position.. “This summer he was supposed to hook up with a girl who had hooked up once before, but Jeter seems to have forgotten her first time, the same same farewell gift, signed by Derek Jeter Baseball. I gave her a gift basket. “

of captainEmily Smith, a gossip maven in New York and the writer of this work, was called by a woman who “explained the two events that received the souvenir” and said, “I saw the picture, but we did. I didn’t. ” Publish them. But she later admitted that it wasn’t confirmed if the woman was just visiting Jetter or if she was sleeping with him.

Jetter chooses to ignore the story of the time, but he finally addresses the wild rumors that have followed him in the film for over a decade.

“Yes, I read that article, of course,” says Jeter. “As you know, how did people come up with this when they saw it? Basically that’s it. And who would believe this shit? And you believed it!”

He continues. “I remember being in Starbucks once. There was a random guy behind me, he said, and I looked back and said,” You’re an idiot! “And his facial expression … for example. Did he think I was going to say, “Yeah, good job, man!”?

“It’s a story that’s bigger than life. People keep reversing this story that never happened. I never have It happened, “he concludes.

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