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This is a new era for the F1 world, and some of the biggest changes seen in the sport over the last 40 years are not only the status quo, but also the spine of the driver the team is working on to curb this engineering habit. It’s shaking. This year’s new car. Codemasters can’t follow the F122 and inject this season’s backbusting popoise phenomenon into the handling model, but it’s tinkering with a reliable and robust annual racer, so the right number of areas is enough. I feel refreshed. The overall package should be pretty familiar to repeaters.

rest assured teeth More to the F122 than just the latest cars and stables on the new Miami circuit. Visually this year’s treading water, but small touches such as the clean new post-race clips of the car worn in battle and the updated camera angle for the celebration of the old podium of the Codemasters F1 series have been stagnant for many years. Slightly activates some. The voice of a new race engineer and the ability to switch commentator David Croft to Alex Jack will also help set it apart from previous F1 games that feel more and more recycled in this division. The new Adaptive AI mode has joined the standard and already huge list of driver aids and accessibility options, and seems to keep the pack in the immediate vicinity of inexperienced racers. This allows for more exciting races, regardless of skill. I saw 8 year old Duke on Adaptive AI. I can’t fully observe the complete difference between the two levels available, but it seemed to be hunting him down without completely rolling over the AI.

It’s unlikely that other existing VR racing game veterans will be as surprised as they were a few years ago, but the novel value of being available in the official F1 series is enormous.


Larger bullet points, such as the welcome inclusion of the F1 sprint race format and sophisticated VR support for PC players, are clearly not to be missed. The F1 series is quite late when it comes to VR support, so I don’t think it’s likely to be another veteran. Existing VR racing games are just as amazing as they were a few years ago, but with the novel value of being able to take advantage of them. Very strong in the official F1 series. Dedicated to recreating the real details, from paddock to track, the F1 series has for some time been a wonderfully immersive recreation of the world’s best motorsports. Experiencing it through a VR lens is doubly so.

But it’s not every day New features in F1 22 will rank on the podium.

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Pad toys for life

Earlier this year, Codemasters confirmed that further installments of the “Breaking Point” story mode introduced in F1 2021 would be made at a two-year pace, but F122 No Includes the next chapter of a fictional behind-the-scenes F1 fairy tale studio airbrush but serious take. Instead, there is F1 Life, a lifestyle-oriented mode that focuses on F1 driver clothing and living area customization, but it’s very capricious and just a profitable background for the main menu screen.

The F1 22 focuses on this new mode by tinkering with F1 Life’s default settings on first launch. The nice thing about this is that later … it can be completely ignored, and doing so will ultimately not reduce anything about the typically robust racing experience around it. At best, F1 life seems like a catch-all to justify a stable flow of rewards for your play time, those rewards are often just a small part of furniture and floor tiles. At worst, it’s the mechanism here to shake off some loose changes from people who are willing to hand over a few dollars for cosmetic accessories. Other players can visit your space, but I’m not sure why they want to go. Whereas previous F1 games featured iconic cars from the history of sports, the F1 22’s rich set of designer rugs, lounges and lamps is probably a sad sign of the times. No one is excited about the ramp as Jafar did a full back for Agraba.

Whereas previous F1 games featured iconic cars from the history of sports, the F1 22’s rich set of designer rugs, lounges and lamps is probably a sad sign of the times.


Theoretically, we understand the desire to enjoy the lucrative off-track luxury that real F1 superstars can enjoy.That’s right, I Did it The V6 coffee table can be distracting for a second, but whether adding interior decorations or dressing up the driver’s avatar like an ambitious Puma activewear influencer was the perfect way to go. I don’t know.

The addition of collectable supercars is a bit closer to the luxury toy varieties that real F1 drivers can buy, at least these come with gameplay components. Inspired by a wide range of Pirelli hot lap programs running at the actual Grand Prix, F1 drivers are commanded to carry various VIPs and throw expensive exotic cars around the truck. The F122 is Ferrari, AMG, Aston Martin, McLaren for both hot wrapping and bespoke driving challenges. They are interesting novelties, very different from those that existed in previous F1 games, but in reality they are just a few notes and I decided to skip them in the end. It’s not anyone’s fault, so the supercar itself is relatively soggy when measured to the dedicated open wheeler that represents the pinnacle of current F1 engineering, but a rival racer’s contemporaries. But the drift is not surprisingly stunning. A terrible lack of smoke can be strangely barren.

Rim Real Big, Pocket Real Big

Of course, the real star of the F1 22 is the new F1 car. It has some interesting handling peculiarities that require adjustment from the F1 2021, but it is the most sophisticated look over the years.

With larger wheels and tires, plus additional bulk, the 2022 F1 car is the heaviest ever. They are also lower and stiffer, with less upper body downforce and a new focus on ground effect aerodynamics sucking the car into the asphalt faster. In the F1 22, this was transformed into a car that felt like it had lost some of its agility, especially those that found it difficult to attack curbs and humps. In addition, we’ve found that the throttle coming out of the corner needs to be more delicate than in the previous year, but it can also seem that there is a slight tendency for understeer to come. Into they.The conclusion is a handling model that I hesitate to say is better than older cars in F1 2021 and earlier editions, but it’s teeth What you feel is definitely in line with the known features of the new one. It’s just different, and the nuances of a new car are, at least, an interesting challenge to tackle.

However, with some notable changes in handling, the F1 22’s real meat (the excellent My Team mode first introduced in F1 2020) is pretty much the same. Campaign through GP, complete R & D, juggling finance. If you’ve played F12020 or F12021, you’ll know what to expect. However, how many, like the new option to start the first year of My Team as a well-supported operation with upgraded equipment and sufficient bank balance to seduce 45-year-old Mark Webber. There is a great fix for that. Of his comfortable retirement. The F1 series is one of the few racers who can always take a thrilling position, but having the ability to fight the top teams right away makes a lot of sense for repeaters who fly the F1 team, from minnows to megastars. , Already many times. Despite resigning an existing partner, sponsorship decals no longer disappear from the car. This is a small fix, but it’s always been annoying to have to manually undo it in the middle of the season, even after rolling over the contract.

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