Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken Recipe

Why it works

  • Marinated shorter than many recipes will reduce overall cooking time without compromising flavor.
  • The Jamaican browning sauce used in marinades and braising liquids adds a complex and flavorful depth.
  • Add chicken breast to the stew for the last 25 minutes to prevent overcooking.

Brown Stew Chicken is a rich, silky Jamaican stew. Of course, stew chicken is not unique to any island in the Caribbean. Recipes may look similar on different islands, but there are subtle but important differences. For example, the Trinidadian version may be very similar to the recipe we are sharing today, but Haiti in Haiti adds Trinidad’s unique green seasoning to the base. poule en source eliminates charred sauce and sugar and puts more emphasis on tomatoes and pepper. In Jamaica, brown stew chicken is defined as chicken stewed in oil and then stewed in brown gravy sauce with sweet peppers and a scotch bonnet kick, but the specific recipe varies from kitchen to kitchen. ..

The role of browning source

Browning, a staple of Jamaican kitchen pantry, is a sauce made from caramel sugar that liquefies, smokes, splashes, and heats until it’s almost black. Home cooks often prepare this stew chicken-like recipe from scratch so that the chicken can be cooked directly in a pan or pre-made and bottled for storage. .. By the time the sugar burns to the right color, it is no longer an overtly sweet ingredient. It can be a little smokey and almost bitter, and when made with dark brown sugar, it may have molasses hints. Spices may be added, but I avoid adding them as the charcoal has a sweet and savory use.

This recipe used a bottled version of charred. This is because you only need to pollute the pot, burn the sugar, thin it, and add a tablespoon to the marinade and it doesn’t need to be cooled. Just like making a good roux, this process can take a skilled hand and the remaining sweetness depends on how dark it is. If you burn it, it will be too bitter and you will not be able to use it.But that tablespoon teeth Please do not omit it as it is important. When the chicken is charred, it turns caramel-colored and gently penetrates the gravy from the chicken into a beautiful dark copper color. If you brown the base of the stew a little more, the gravy shade will deepen into a lush mahogany.

Using both water and lime or vinegar, it will be difficult to find a Caribbean kitchen that does not wash out chicken. I’m not going to ask you to spray chicken as it’s not recommended by the CDC, but keep in mind that this is a common practice and is imprinted in the muscle memory of many cooks. Generational change of cooking knowledge and recipes. Cleaning meat in this way goes beyond eliminating harmful bacteria. It also allows the cook to finish picking the feathers and wiping off any remaining bone fragments. After rinsing the chicken clean, re-use lime juice or vinegar on the marinade itself to enhance its acidity and flavor. From here, start with this recipe using acidic marinades.

Marinated, Jamaican style

Traditionally Jamaican recipes have a long overnight marinade that contains everything except a few ingredients for the final stew that covers the chicken. The next day, all the chicken is scraped off before it is cooked and all the vegetables are recombined shortly after the liquid from the marinade is returned to the now cooked chicken. It turns out that the same result can be obtained by shortening the marinade. Many of the vegetables in the last stew are excluded from the marinade as stir-frying the vegetables in stir-fried oil helps remove the browning from the bottom of the pan. When the vegetables and spices bloom in the oil, blend the reserved marinade.

The brown stew, like other Jamaican chicken stews, starts with chopped whole chicken. If you’re not biased towards eating chicken wings sprinkled with sticky gravy (if not … why?), Book for another purpose, such as chicken broth, or chicken. The whole can be replaced with all legs and thighs. When boiling whole chicken, long-time cooking with thick bone meat can make the breast sad and dry, so instead call for the breast to be added to the pan during the last 25 minutes. ..

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