Mariah Carey faces lawsuit over ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’

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Singer Mariah Carey is from a songwriter who claims to be infringing on the copyright of a song of the same title released five years before the 1994 blockbuster, her Uletide Earworm “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. Is being sued.

Andy Stone, its stage name VinceVance, part of the band VinceVance & The Variants, filed a proceeding against Carey (53) in federal court in New Orleans on Friday. He seeks damages of at least $ 20 million, among other claims, for copyright infringement and unjust enrichment.

Carrie was named in a proceeding with her co-author Walter Afanasieff and music company Sony.

Court documents describe Vance as a self-employed artist who co-wrote a song titled “All I Want for Christmas Is Lovers” in 1989 and recorded it in a studio in Nashville. It was later released and “received extensive airplay during the 1993 Christmas season … and began to appear on the Billboard Music Charts.”

Carrie’s song with the same name but not the same Lyrics and music, Released in 1994 with her album “Merry Christmas”. The proceedings alleged that Carrie and other defendants had “never asked for or obtained permission” from Vance for the use, reproduction, or distribution of the song, and accused him of infringing his copyright. ing.

Here we’ll look at one of the hottest copyright cases in the last decade and how experts distinguish between infringement and inspiration. (Video: Daron Taylor, Sarah Hashemi / The Washington Post)

Carrie has not yet publicly commented on the proceedings. Sony Music did not immediately respond to requests for comment early on Saturday.

A bar in Texas where Mariah Carey banned “All I Want for Christmas Is Lovers” until December 1st

Carrie’s song is a Christmas staple every year and a holiday chart staple, so it’s not clear why the proceedings were filed.

Copyright usually doesn’t just extend to song titles with dozens of registered entries. For “only you want for Christmas” by the US Copyright Office as of Saturday.

According to court documents, Vance’s lawyer first contacted Carrie and others in April 2021 and sent a letter in December. “Even after expressing concerns with the defendant, the plaintiff was unable to reach an agreement on the use of’All I Want for Christmas Is’,” the proceedings said.

Police say the man broke into the Dallas Museum of Art and damaged ancient relics

Known for hits such as “Fantasy” and “Hero,” Carrie was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame this year. Website She was called a member of the “Songwriter Elite Group” and said, “I wrote or co-wrote 18 of her 19 number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100.”

She won her first US hit in the “Vision of Love” in 1990. 5 Grammy Award, 3 Guinness World Records title When Ivor Novello She won an award for her unique five-octave style and won a worldwide star position in her musical performance.

Carrie’s “All I Want for Christmas Is Lovers” is still very popular and has been streamed over a billion times on music services. Spotify Others informally announce the start of the Christmas season.But others say it’s overrated and frustrating, last year at one Texas bar Ban Play the song before December 1st, and then allow it to play only “once a night”.

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