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Sky McLean teeth Canadian entrepreneur In the hospitality space that built a successful empire in her company Base camp resortA business that provides modern boutique hotels throughout Alberta and British Columbia. After earning an MBA in real estate from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Sky moved to Calgary, Alberta to work with local developers. While there, Sky was interested in Airbnb’s business model and was able to secure a bank loan to open her first mountain hotel property. Since then, Sky and her team have succeeded in transforming Basecamp Resorts into the fastest-growing hospitality brand in western Canada. Currently, Basecamp Resorts operates seven modern mountain boutique hotels, and Sky plans to open six more locations over the next three years.

My first job is … After school, she is a babysitter at the age of 12 every day. It was for a family with three children, two dogs, two turtles, and a cat. I dealt with homework, piano lessons, friend dates, and almost everything in between! It was a mayhem!

The first thing I was interested in real estate was … I was a child. My parents love to see the open house and I was dragged in with them.

I decided to become an entrepreneur. because… I was dissatisfied with the way other people did and how they viewed the transaction. I thought there was a better way.

I decided to launch Basecamp Resorts, the first boutique mountain hotel property in 2017. Reason… I believe in a hospitality model away from home. It’s the best way to travel. I’ve been on the quest to brand what Basecamp Resorts offers. The kitchen, living area, washer / dryer, multi-bedroom and other suites offer all the comfort of being at home. All the facilities and convenience of the hotel, including a 24-hour concierge, room cleaning service, and hot tubs.

The reason for expanding the Basecamp Resorts brand is … Modern travelers will want to stay in this type of property where they can relax while traveling. Canada has some of the most beautiful mountain destinations in the world. From couples to groups of friends to families, we want to provide an interesting experience for those exploring and adventuring in these beautiful communities.

“If I choose one that has helped me succeed, it’s the fact that I have the royal determination to grow this business no matter what.”

What is passionate about hospitality is … I love traveling the world while staying at home comfortably while away. I have always wanted to offer this experience to all my guests.

My most proud achievement is … I have two children. Business will open the door to the first Basecamp Resorts property in Canmore in August 2017.

My biggest setback is … Get a debt loan for my first BasecampResorts property.

I overcame it … Good luck.

My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is … Listen to your heart and intestines, and if that’s not what you really feel right, make sure no one affects you about what to do.

One of the advices I’m having a hard time following myself is … You may have to say no to a transaction.

What I like the most is … People; From working daily with my incredibly talented team to meeting all the great guests with us.

If I had to choose one that helped me succeed, it would be … The fact that no matter what, we are determined to grow this business.

If you googled me, you still don’t know … I rode a road bike across Canada for 8,000km.

I keep inspiration ….. He continues to have a passion outside of business, such as mountain biking and skiing.

The future excites me … I love what I do and with whom I do it.

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