Monday’s Wordle Answer Was About as Controversial as Possible

Trying to get rid of your mind from recent news events by playing a round of Wordle?? You may want to rethink it.

The original Wordle answer scheduled for Monday is Certain major news events And because of this, the newspaper tried to change it, but with no complete success. (If you don’t want to risk knowing the answer, stop reading now. It may not be what you get with the puzzle.)

Earlier Monday, the newspaper released an explanation as early East Coast Wordle fans were just beginning to solve the puzzles. The tweet sounded harmless. “Wordle’s answer may differ from the official answer. Please refresh your browser to receive the correct answer word. Read the editor’s note for more information.”

But if you go into the editor’s note, you can see how sensitive Wordle’s answer was on Monday, given recent events. Some players saw the word FETUS as the answer to the puzzle, while others saw an alternative word that Times tried to add (the word is obvious because it has nothing to do with the story). I don’t). Of course, the word “fetus” is possible.Send the hearts of many (almost? All?) Players thinking about the recent Leaked the opinion of the Supreme Court The court has indicated that it will withdraw the Roe v. Wade case.

“Some users may see old answers that seem to be closely related to major news events these days,” said the Times editor’s note. “This is a completely unintentional and coincidental match. Today’s original answer was loaded into Wordle last year.”

The Times further states that the newspaper wants its game section to be a place of entertainment and escape, rather than being tied to the news.

“But due to current Wordle technology, it can be difficult to change words that are already loaded in the game,” the note continues. “Last week, when I discovered that this particular word was picked up today, I switched to as many solvers as possible.”

According to the note, players who have refreshed their browser windows will see the new answer, probably after the NYT fix, but not everyone will.

Naturally, the player had an opinion.

“If a fun word game mistakenly reminds people that their basic rights have been stripped, it would be very terrible. The rich shouldn’t have to think about it. They’re special.” One Twitter user wrote.

Another person said, “This shows how sensitive we are to the current events and simply afraid to think about things. Just mentioning one word related to a hot topic is NYT. Too much for me. Let me think. “

Another said, “Josh (Wordle, The creator of Wordle) will never cause this to happen. “

This is not the first time Wordle’s answer has changed. When the newspaper buys the game, Began to change Some of Wardle’s preloaded answers.

Jordan Cohen, a communications executive at The New York Times at the time, said, “To make the puzzle accessible to more people, to remove ambiguous, insensitive and offensive words, a word list. Is gradually being updated. “

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