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Montreal-NHL General Manager met the night before 2022 NHL Draft.. What their meeting lacked in rule changes and policy news was offset by post-meeting news and topics on trade, free agents, and other league issues.

Get a glimpse of what was said and heard, including the latest topics on pick trading in Montreal on Wednesday, trading progress, and more. Chris Retan When Evgeni MalkinAnd what’s coming next Ebander Kane:

Preparing a moving player (and pick)

Leading to the draft involves some trade negotiations.

This year, the general manager seems to be preparing for more potential moves than usual. And it could start early in the first round on Thursday.

“I think there are quite a few deals this week,” he said. Philadelphia Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher said. “When [then] What does that mean in draft slots?We are accepting a move [pick] No.5 and No.5 have not been moved once every 20 years. Teams usually do not go back or move from the high pick. It happens rarely, but I think everyone is exploring it. Perhaps due to the fact that the draft is flat, other teams will be willing to consider retreating. “

Only three picks were exchanged in the opening round of last year’s draft, but before that there was one blockbuster trade (Seth Jones Going from Columbus to Chicago Adam Bokubist -On Wednesday, a three-year $ 7.8 million extension was announced at the Blue Jackets-and three picks), plus a few other important moves.

How is this year different? For starters, this is the first draft since 2019, where general managers have the opportunity to meet in the same building and do business directly again.

“When we are in such close proximity, all these unpredictability is certainly enhanced.” Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Chevelday off said. “I think that can happen.”

The NHL also remains the world of flat salary caps in most cases. There will be a $ 1 million bump (up to $ 82.5 million) next season, which will be of little reward to teams that have already reached the cap. Reducing deals is a good way to make room for breathing, and clubs that need it have a strategy and some prior knowledge of what the competition is thinking. It’s Thursday.

“In your mind, you want to imagine everyone gathering there and sitting until you strike. [something]” Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas said. “But I think there’s been a lot of communication going on before. At this point, everyone knows what all the other teams are trying to achieve. Now do it and It’s about planning and doing something. The majority of the team is so close to the cap that they’re always joking and things are happening, and the cap space is very scarce throughout the league. I am. “

Will it extend to Montreal and be ranked number one in the draft?Canadiens has the first crack This season’s outlook pool GM Kent Hughes said on Wednesday that if the draft was that night, he would use his first overall choice at the player. Will it change by Thursday?

We are watching to find it.

“I think there are always a lot [trade talk] It leads to a draft, “Hughes said. But by the end of tomorrow night, I imagine the draft order will be different from what it is today. “

Penguins are closer to Chris Retan, not Evgeni Malkin

Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Ron Hexor He said he hopes to accomplish something “immediately” with the pending unlimited free agent Retan of Defense.

“We still have some details we’re working on,” Hexor said, adding that he would be surprised if Retan didn’t return to the penguins in a new deal. There were rumors that 35-year-old Retan would sign an extension of three years, but the slow word is that it could be longer. He spent all 16 seasons of his NHL career with penguins.

Hextall was not optimistic about negotiations with the pending free agent center Evgeni Malkin. The general manager said it cannot be said whether the penguins will sign Malkin before the start of the free agent on July 13.

“They are at another stage now. We will continue to work with his representative and hopefully sign a deal with Jeno,” Hexel said of Malkin, who played for 16 seasons in Pittsburgh.

Malkin earned $ 9.5 million in salary last season. Letang earned $ 7.25 million.

Canax does not apply ink JT mirror Before draft

Vancouver Canucks GM Patrik Allvin had to laugh when asked if he could extend his contract with the star before the NHL draft.

“Do you think it’s about 24 hours? So I’m not very optimistic,” he said.

The 29-year-old forward is a year away from unlimited free agents. That situation has led to widespread speculation that Miller could move this offseason, potentially this week.

Allvin said the team did not indicate that the draft was due to sign a new contract. “We’re not saying anything like that. We’re open,” said the general manager, adding that he had a “good discussion” with Miller’s agent.

“I think something could happen. We’ll wait here,” he said.

Oilers GM: Nothing is Imminent for Ebander Kane

After terminating his contract San Jose Sharks Ebander Kane has violated the team’s COVID-19 policy. Edmonton Oilers..Specifically, he found a house next door Connor McDavidScored 22 goals in 43 regular season games and another 13 goals in 15 playoff games.

During Kane’s lowest inventory, GM Ken Holland threw a lifeline at Kane with a $ 2,108,696 contract for the rest of the 2021-22 season. But beyond that it will be difficult to secure his service.

“We’re a week away, and at this stage of the game, anything is possible,” Holland said. “I’m not telling you here that I’m approaching any kind of transaction. You can awaken things tomorrow. [have] changed. But is it possible that he will hit the market on July 13th? absolutely. “

Oilers GM said he had “a lot of discussions” with Kane’s agent, Dan Millstein. According to reports, Kane is seeking long-term contracts that could match the average annual value of a deal with San Jose of $ 7 million.

Dutch Bet: Kane’s market isn’t as strong as his camp expects, as salary caps have risen by just $ 1 million and other competitive teams are facing cap crunches with their players. There is a possibility.

“Obviously, we’re sticking to the cap,” GM said. “Many teams are in a difficult situation, so I think we all need to arrive at a particular location, perhaps July 13th, and understand what’s going on.”

Next, I have a question about San Jose. Kane and the NHLPA have filed a complaint against the shark after Kane’s “Violation of the NHL Standard Player Contract and Violation of the AHL COVID-19 Protocol” transaction was closed. The date for the second hearing between Kane and the shark has not yet been set and is not expected before the free agent begins.

The Netherlands said it complicates things up to Kane and the free agent.

“That’s what it is. It’s unique. I really don’t know,” Holland said. “It’s like we really have it on our wings.”

The New jersey devils Made an important offer in terms of duration and dollars to the restricted free agent Winger Brat. Sources told ESPN that the club is waiting for a counter-proposal from Brat’s camp to begin negotiations.

“Blat is a great player we want to keep,” GM said. Thom Fitzgerald Said. “We tell Jesper, [owners] It’s in him. We do not make offers made with the intention that there are no players. “

It is speculated that Brat’s representative may be looking for a restricted free agent offer sheet rather than negotiating terms with the devil. New Jersey has enough cap space to match the offer sheets.

One thing is clear: Despite the difficulty of negotiations, Devil’s is not trying to move Brat at this time.

“I have never had Jesper Strömb in the trading block,” Fitzgerald said.

Lack of cap space Toronto-and No. 1 goalkeeper

Toronto does not have a clear starting goalkeeper signed for next season. And they have a limited room available to accomplish that.

CapFriendly plans Leafs with a space of approximately $ 6.4 million from 2022 to 23. Most of it needs to be invested in goalkeepers. It may be different from the team’s incumbent starter-and an unlimited number of pending free agents- Jack Campbell..

Despite ongoing discussions between the two countries, Toronto was unable to settle an extension with Campbell. This 30-year-old has finished the first season of his full-time starter career, with an ERA of .914 and an ERA of 2.64, a record of 31-9-6.

After many years of backup, Campbell did his way to the number one job-and salary. Reefs recognizes that it can be expensive.

“Obviously, it’s approaching a decision for everyone,” said Reefs GM Kyle Dubas. “It’s a life-changing event, especially for Jack. Secret goalending isn’t our priority, so we’ll keep talking to them here this week and weekend and get ready for next week. . Where you want to go “

Reefs Petr Murasek After Dubas signed a three-year, $ 11.4 million contract with a veteran last summer, under a contract for the next two seasons. Murasek was injured much of last season and was streaky when he appeared, reaching 12-6-0 with .888 SV% and 3.34 GAA.

Murasek missed the end of the reefs regular season and the first round playoff series with Tampa Bay due to a groin injury. Dubas continues to be impressed with Murasek’s elasticity and has no doubt that he can rebound.

“Most of the year [Mrazek] Get in front of everyone [in the media] “If you haven’t played to the level you feel you can, accept it,” Dubas said. “If you were betting on him in anticipation, he was the goalkeeper in 20 games last year.” Do you think, or he must have been a 270 goalkeeper [games] Previously, who was the guy with the .910 save rate that gave the team a chance to win? I would probably bet on a larger sample, and that’s where Petr fits in at the moment. “

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