Only 2 Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks Have Ground Clearance Under 10 Inches

Ground height Not so important in sedans and meaningless in sports cars.But it’s very important in heavy duty truck.. From offload to handling workloads that break sedans, that’s just what the truck needs to do properly. Therefore, it turned out to be so shocking that two heavy-duty trucks with a minimum ground clearance of less than 10 inches are currently on the market.

Tall and powerful

2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD | Creative Commons

The ground clearance is the distance from the lowest point of the vehicle to the horizontal plane below it. That is, if the truck is sitting on a flat paved road, the lowest points are the air dam / deflector, front spoiler, front balance, radiator, or chassis suspension. This helps with regular maintenance, good visibility, and off-road migration.

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