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Ooni Volt has created an amazing pie (both inside and out). The ease of use is outstanding, and I think even beginners can enjoy sling pies.

Ooni has many pizza ovens. In fact, we’ve reviewed so many things and created guides for them.

However, all of these models are powered by gas, wood or pellets.and absolutely none One of them must be used indoors, these ovens are limited to those who have outdoor space, and in most of the country (like New England where I live), pizza ovens It shortens the season into months that are fun to cook outside.

That is until the Ooni Volt came out in March of this year. This is the company’s first indoor and outdoor countertop pizza oven. ElectricalThe company says it can reach 850°F in just 20 minutes and cook a Neapolitan-style pizza in 90 seconds. For context, a Neapolitan pie requires a minimum he-700°F deck temperature. The only other indoor pizza oven we reviewed, the Breville Pizzaiolo maxes out at 750°F and has an impressive Volt temperature range.

To find out if Ooni Volt could produce the plump, pillowy, leopard-spotted Neapolitan pie that it claims it can, we used it to make 12 pizzas. I made.


Serious Eats / Ridley Gemperlein-Sillm

  • Temperature test: Volt was set to the highest temperature (850°F) and an infrared thermometer was used to measure the temperature at the center of the stone every 5 minutes for 20 minutes. .
  • Outdoor pizza test: Broccoli rabe and anchovy pizzas were made outdoors and an infrared thermometer was used to measure the temperature of the stone before and after loading each pie. We timed how long each pizza took to cook and the oven gave us a good amount of recovery time (about 7 minutes) between each pie.
  • Indoor pizza test: I made the burst tomato, shallot and herb pizza in house. This time he had a shorter recovery time between each pie and he waited 3 minutes between pizzas. We timed how long each pie took to cook.
  • Usability testing: Through testing, we appreciated how intuitive the Volt’s controls were and how easy it was to load, rotate, and eject a pizza. In addition, we checked whether it is easy to smoke when cooking and whether it is easy to move.
  • Cleanup test: Twice during the test, we rated the ease of cleaning the oven and stone according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

what we learned

Mechanism of Onibolt

Serious Eats / Ridley Gemperlein-Sillm

The outdoor Ooni Koda 16 I use has an L-shaped flame in the back corner that wraps around the sides and covers part of the ceiling. Volt is flameless as it is suitable for indoor use. Instead, he has two heating elements at the top and bottom of the oven, the latter under the baking stone. Depending on the temperature selected, the oven automatically adjusts the output of both heating elements (but can be manually overridden). Different styles of pie require different temperatures and benefit from hotter top or bottom elements. If this sounds a little confusing, don’t worry. The oven includes a guide on what temperature to use for each type of pizza. For example, Neapolitan he should cook at 850°F and the oven will prioritize the top heating element. New York pie, on the other hand, should be cooked at 650°F, and the heat is much more balanced between the top and bottom elements.

The bolt is electric and automatically adjusts the heating element, making the oven very easy to use. In other words, it’s so well designed that virtually zero guesswork. No more tinkering to get the flame just right or worrying about when you need to add more fuel.

Volt Made really great pizza

Serious Eats / Ridley Gemperlein-Sillm

Impressively, the Volt reached the advertised temperatures. It reached 850°F in 20 minutes, and the longer it was left on, the higher the temperature. Consistently, the pizzas we cooked came out with crispy bases, pillowy crusts, and leopard-speckled bottoms. The pie was cooked in just 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The oven didn’t need much recovery time either. The Volt’s temperature dial flashes to let you know when the temperature has dropped below the specified setting. Once it was turned off (in just a few minutes) the oven was ready for use again.

Volt is specifically designed for indoor use

Serious Eats / Ridley Gemperlein-Sillm

With its touchscreen and control dials, Volt feels like a beautifully designed countertop appliance.We liked the non-slip feet, the carbon steel shell (surprisingly, it doesn’t get extremely hot), the glass doors, the interior lights, and the built-in side handles for lifting and moving (of course It’s still bulky, but it’s a 39-pound oven, so definitely not or easy to carry). It was also incredibly quiet. In fact, my toaster oven is noisier than the Volt.

Serious Eats / Ridley Gemperlein-Sillm

One thing to note is that excess flour in the oven can cause smoke. However, to see how much smoke Boruto would produce indoors, I made sure I had dusted the dough and crust liberally with flour. It was similar to leaving a cast iron skillet on the stove for too long without tripping the fire alarm. rice field.

Finally, there are some usability issues. A slightly longer power cord and perhaps some kind of cord storage solution could have been used. The touch screen (where the control buttons are) also got a little hot after using the oven for a long time.



Strong Points

Volt is an amazing and powerful electric pizza oven. The pizzas we made impressed us and we loved the ease of use, including intuitive controls and adjustable heating elements. If you’re looking for one, or are looking for a pizza oven that requires very little effort to nail a beautiful pie, I highly recommend the Volt.


The bolt is quite large and should be stored elsewhere when not in use. At around $1,000, the price is also very high, more than any other oven from Ooni.

Main Specifications

  • weight: 39.2 pounds
  • size: 24.2 x 20.8 x 10.9 inches
  • Temperature range: 150-850°F
  • guarantee: 1 year (standard); 2 years (for online registration)
  • compatibility: Cover for Oni Bolt 12
  • Pricing at time of publication: $999


How do I clean my Ooni Volt?

To clean the Volt, the manufacturer recommends waiting until the oven is completely cool. The stone can then be removed and any loose or large debris discarded (do not wash). Glass doors can be cleaned with a dry paper towel or paper towels and warm soapy water. You can (let it dry completely afterwards). Wipe the outside of the oven with a clean damp cloth and let it dry. “Your Ooni Volt 12 should not require internal cleaning. Food residue should burn off during use,” the company said.

What do you recommend for Oni Pizza Kiln?

The best Ooni oven depends on several factors. The power mode you want (gas, wood, pellet, or electric), the size of oven you want, and the amount you want to spend. See here for a detailed comparison of all Ooni ovens.

Editor’s Note: We have received a press sample of the Ornibolt and all of our opinions are our own.

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