People feel more anxious in cars now than before the pandemic

Anxiety that makes you crazy?

You are not alone, especially behind the steering wheel.New polls suggest that Americans are actually there Compared to the pre-pandemic era, cars are now more anxious..

Investigation, Implemented by OnePoll Partnered with an automobile and consumer electronics company CobraOf the 2,000 American adults surveyed, more than half are “always” or “frequently” worried about other drivers on the road (53%).

But that’s not all. 61% of respondents said the pandemic caused people to drive even more dangerous than before, and 62% of participants agreed that safe driving was even more important.

Passengers may be tracking the speedometer while the driver is monitoring the road. According to polls, 60% of respondents admit that they are monitoring the driver’s speed while they are passengers, and 63% say they are nervous when their partner is driving. did.

Americans are more worried about cars than they used to be.

As passengers, 52% say they want the driver to step on the brakes and slow down, and 7 in 10 want to ensure that the seatbelts are fastened before the car moves.

The average American has made three close calls while driving in the last two years, so you can reduce driver trouble by buckling and increasing safety.

Despite the dangers on the road, 53% said they are planning more summer road trips. This is even more than before COVID 2019, with 31% saying that summer is the most driving season.

More than half of the respondents said they are planning a road trip this summer.
More than half of the respondents said they are planning a road trip this summer.

However, even road trips can be tiring, with 65% responding to driving faster than usual. Being late (38%), light traffic (36%), and rushing (35%) are also factors that make a driver’s life a little faster, with more than one-third of drivers admitting only “occasionally”. It was. Do not comply with “rarely” or “never” speed limits (35%).

Gail Babitt, CEO of Cobra’s parent company Cedar Electronics, said: “From the empty roads at the beginning of the pandemic to the current wave of’vengeance travel’seen this summer, it’s important for today’s drivers to be safe and confident when gripping the steering wheel. “

Of all the challenges drivers may face on a thorough road trip, poorly prepared vehicles occupy the top of the list, followed closely by weather hazards and vehicle issues. In fact, 28% say it’s okay to give up on a weekend day or your favorite outfit if you can get a smooth ride.

Astonishing stats may be chalked out of not knowing what to do if a car breaks down, with more than half admitting (53%) and 23% having a dead battery. He says he doesn’t even know what to do if.

The majority of respondents do not know what to do if a car breaks down on the highway.
The majority of respondents do not know what to do if a car breaks down on the highway.

Not everyone is good at car savvy, but one-third say they will invest in tire inflators, and 30% say they will buy a car battery charger just in case. I did. To make travel even safer, a quarter of respondents said they would buy a dash cam.

“Whether it’s a dash cam to give the driver a second eye on the road or a jump starter for the” just in case “moment, it’s a tool that helps drivers feel their travels smoother and safer. It is important to invest. “Babbit said.

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