Pommes Dauphine Recipe

Why it works

  • Mixing milk and water in the choux pastry will increase the flavor and make it easier to brown the pomedophie.
  • Rinse the potatoes before and after cooking to remove excess starch and make the non-sticky mashed potatoes fluffy.
  • The cookie scoop produces a uniform pomedophine for easy, unconfused fried foods.

Pomedophine, or fried potato puffs, fly under the radar in the wide world of potato cooking.Perhaps this could be due to an undisclosed name (unless you’ve perused an old-fashioned French cookbook) or the fact that it needs to be made. pâte à choux (Our recipe is almost certain, but this can be intimidating even for a seasoned cook). Regardless of the reason, you can’t miss this classic side dish. My process is simple and the results speak for themselves. The golden french fries nugget boasts a crisp, delicate crust with a fluffy, cloud-like interior. If you need more help to imagine it, consider mashed potatoes. However, inflate it like a balloon and fry it into a crispy golden crunch.

At a glance, making pomedofine is easy: fold the shoe with mashed potatoes, shape the dough into balls and fry. Here, success depends on sound technique.Reliable A simple recipe for making shoe pastries Reduce the whims of this dish. Shoe serves an important purpose in Pome Doffey. Like any other application (Paris gnocchi When Chouquette, To name just a few), the shoe is cooked twice. The process begins on the stove, boiling the liquid and butter, adding the flour and then the eggs. (Draining with the milk I want in this recipe will increase the browning and flavor, thanks to the extra protein and sugar in the milk). This results in a dough paste (technical term panade) with high moisture content and limited elasticity. When cooked, the water vapor in the dough creates steam that expands the gluten structure, trapping those gases and inflating the puff.

As it was squared, I pivoted to the potatoes. My tests have shown that the dry, powdery texture of russet potatoes is ideal for this preparation, where lightness is the goal (here, Yukon with essentially creamy consistency). Gold potatoes were not desirable).To make fluffy potatoes, I Our way Rinse the cubed potatoes both before and after boiling to get as much starch as possible. Excess starch is one of the main causes of sticky potatoes, so it is important to remove it. Quickly disassemble the cooked potatoes with a rice burner to make a smooth, fluffy mash, ready to combine with the choux pastry.

Vicky Wasic

However, I had to mess around a bit more to understand the problem of how to bring these two parts (chu and potatoes). First, the traditional recipes of Pomedofine, including the recipes of two iconic French chefs Auguste Escoffier and Fernand Point, rely on the foundation of the pomedofy of seasoned pomeduces fortified with butter and egg yolk. Modern recipes are usually done without the use of mashed potatoes and salt, pepper, nutmeg, and perhaps butter. Pommes dauphine was fried in mashed potatoes seasoned with Duchess potatoes and tested side by side. The ones made of Duchess potatoes were significantly denser and slightly squeezed in texture, probably due to the addition of egg yolks. I decided to season the mash with salt, pepper and melted butter and skip the yolks. (I must guess that the use of Pomeduses as a base for Dauphin has been associated with the efficiency of old French kitchens, which are likely to always be at hand for a variety of uses. The most famous use is. It was baked in a pretty design, so it was easy for the chef at the time to grab it and fold it with a shoe for Dauphin if needed. Given that Pomeduces potatoes aren’t always working in the kitchen on the menu, there is no real benefit to making them mandatory now. )

Next, I had to decide on the ratio of shoes to potatoes. In the classic recipe, potatoes should be weighed and about 30% of their weight should be added to the choux pastry. Conversely, new recipes approach equal parts by weight. It was found that adding 70% shoe produced a golden pomedophie that was well-ventilated, had no dough, and had a distinct potato flavor.

Before moving on to deep-fried food, we ran a final test to see what would happen if Pommes dauphine was crumbed with a classic trio of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. After rolling the crumbs station quickly, I threw one into the fryer. It wasn’t surprising to see the pommes dauphine swell and fall into the hot oil, causing the coating to crack quickly, as the pommes dauphine becomes a puff. This is another classic technique I’m throwing away in the recipe, and frankly, based on my tests, I wonder how it worked for everyone.

Vicky Wasic

To make the frying step easy and unobtrusive, I use a tablespoon of cookie scoops to quickly scoop, shape and drop a uniform ball of dough into hot oil (without the cookie scoop). Use two, scoop a spoon to shape the dough into coarse balls or cookies, then drop in hot oil). When frying in batches at 340 ° F, at a temperature slightly lower than the temperature used when frying, give the choux pastry enough time for the outside to turn brown.Once all is fried, you can put the pome doffee in a bowl and serve it together. Roast chicken Also Baking steak.. Like mashed potatoes, pomedophine is the perfect vehicle for sucking up plenty of gravy sauce.

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