Rumour: Potential Screenshots From A New “Finished” Fire Emblem Surface Online

Image: Intelligent Systems

update [Wed 15th Jun, 2022 09:20 BST] Details of the next expected Fire Emblem game have been leaked.This time, Reddit users miasmadelta Sharing some obvious screenshots from the title of Fire Emblem on the 18th mainline r / Fire Emblem..

Of course, the game hasn’t been announced yet, so I’m not sure if it’s real until officially seen, but the screenshots confirm the “strange red and blue” hair Rogers mentioned on the Famiboard yesterday. increase.

I won’t include screenshots here, but miasmadelta links to screenshots in the Reddit post below. So if you don’t want to be spoiled by anything else in this rumored Fire Emblem game, Do not click the “text” link..

Rogers also commented on Twitter about these screenshots. Again, if you hate spoilers and want to be amazed at how the game looks, be aware that some of Rogers’ replies to tweets include some screens.

Original work [Tue 14th Jun, 2022 15:15 BST] Fire emblem Fans are having a feast now.It’s been less than two weeks since the release of Fire Emblem Warrior: Three HopesSet in an armed game Fire Emblem: Three Houses world. Three Houses itself has been a huge success with the Intelligent Systemson Switch.When Fire Emblem Heroes It continues to be very popular among fans.

However, there are still many things for those who love this strategic RPG series.With a known Nintendo leaker Nintendo World Report Contributor Emily Rogers has revealed that Intelligent Systems is working on a new Fire Emblem game for Switch. This is a brand new game, not a remake or re-release.

Rogers shared this detail above Fami boardShe states that the game is a collaboration between Intelligent Systems. Warriors Developers Koei Tecmo and Gust — a division of Koei Tecmo, Atelier series. Rogers also has some information about the possibility of new entries.

This is what I can share about the new Fire Emblem game.

-Future Fire Emblem is a new game, not a remake. A brand new story.
-Collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo When Gust (Business division of Koei Tecmo Holdings).
-Gusts have greatly supported visuals / graphics. The graphics are better than “Three House”.
-Originally intended as a commemorative game to celebrate the 30th anniversary of FE. The game has ended for over a year.
-The main character (hero) has strange red and blue hair. His mother is a dragon.
-New “emblem” gimmick allows players to summon “FE characters” From the past“For your team.

There are some really interesting things you can find here. The fact that the emblem is used to summon a fan’s favorite Fire Emblem character sounds really fun. I also think Gusto’s lovely cell shade visual style works perfectly in the world of Fire Emblem.please look Atelier Sophie 2: Mysterious Dream Alchemist!! And finally, the game is already over — and a year has passed.

The last one is especially interesting. If the game is ready and more than a year old, when will it be available? We’ve already got a new Fire Emblem game from Three Hope this year, which isn’t a traditional strategy game, but will Nintendo release a second game in 2022?Not the first time Fire Emblem: Holy Stone When Fire Emblem: The Way of Shine Both were launched in North America and Europe in 2005, but Nintendo will probably last until next year.

You have to wait if this turns out to be true!

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