Russian Soldiers Left Ukrainian Man’s Dead Body in Car Trunk With Mine: Politico

  • Russian soldiers booby trapped Ukrainian corpses in the trunk of their car. According to Politico.
  • His wife discovered his body and later brought Ukrainian troops to help move him for fear of traps.
  • The car “exploded with a ball of fire” as they tried to pull him out of the trunk with a rope.

Russian soldiers killed Ukrainian volunteers on the outskirts of Kieu and left his corpse in the trunk of a car with a mine that exploded when Ukrainian troops tried to move him. According to Politico.

The soldier’s widow, Ludmila Kilpack, told Politico that she and her husband, Olexandre, “brought everything together.”

Kyrpach told the outlet that the day after the invasion began in late February, mechanic Oleksandr organized a volunteer fighter in his village, Kalynivka, near Kyiv.

By March 1, a few days after the Russian troops invaded the village, friends of Olexandre had begun driving to see if more information was available up close about the Russian troops’ movements. She told Politico’s Christopher Miller that he set out to find them after they didn’t come back.

“He said he would be back soon,” Ludmila told Politico. Alexandre never returned and couldn’t sleep, so Ludmila set out the next day with her friend to find him.

She noticed his sedan on the road. The key is in the ignition, but there were no passengers in the car, she told Politico.

Reportedly, Ludmila’s friend noticed that the trunk was full of bullets and opened the trunk to find the corpse of Olexandre. Her friend pulled her out of her car for fear that the trunk might be booby trapped, she explained to the outlet.

By March 4, they had returned to the scene with Ukrainian soldiers.

Soldiers reportedly tied ropes to their limbs, moved far from the car and pulled slowly to see if the car was equipped. As soon as they pulled, “the car exploded in a ball of fire.” Russian soldiers had placed a weight-induced mine under Olexandre, Ludmila told Politico.

“Ludmira picked up a fragment of a man he had spent decades with and put it in a box,” Politico reported. Then she buried him in the garden, where they were planting vegetables together.

During April The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: Attacks on Russian civilians have spread beyond cannon attacks, officials said they have found booby traps scattered in cities such as Kyiv and Mariupol.

“The Russian Federation is not only fighting Ukrainian troops, but also Ukrainian civilians, which is a significant violation of international law of war,” he said. The statement said.“During the withdrawal of Russian military personnel, food facilities, private homes, and even human corpses have extensively installed booby traps, which are prohibited by international law.”

Ukrainian authorities last month Excavation of mass grave In Bucha, near Kieu, Russian soldiers claimed to have killed and buried at least 360 Ukrainians in a 45-foot-long trench. Journalists who visited Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian troops also reported the bodies of civilians at their homes, on the streets, and in suburban glass factories.

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