Senior officer faced with sexual misconduct allegations retiring from Canadian Forces

A former Canadian Army director of human resources has retired before his sexual assault case is brought to justice next year.

A newly announced message from the Force’s senior leader confirms that Lieutenant General Haydn Edmundson, one of the senior military leaders facing allegations of sexual misconduct, has retired. is doing. Edmundson has denied allegations of illegal activity.

Edmundson was charged with sexual assault and obscenity last year and has been on indefinite paid leave for over a year following CBC News coverage. His lawyer, Brian Greenspan, says he looks forward to regaining his client’s “outstanding reputation for serving our country.”

Tuesday’s message from Lt.-Gen, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of Defense Staff. Frances Allen lists more than 50 promotions and nearly 30 layoffs this year. Two former senior leaders Controversial golf game I will retire. One-third of the suspected sexual misconduct still under investigation remains.

The Force is in the midst of a massive turmoil with senior ranks with the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Get all new commanders.

The list of staffing changes was signed on May 22, but was published a few days after former Supreme Court Judge Louise Arbor reported the crisis of military sexual misconduct. The long-awaited report deals with how the military should best respond to the crisis that has shattered the general image of the military for over a year.

According to the new message, the Force has already begun implementing changes to the promotion and selection process, including a new character evaluation process, as part of its response to the report. According to the message, the new review process delayed the release of the list of promotions.

“The Canadian Army continues to add new rigor and science to the promotion selection process, starting with generals and flag officers,” a message to staff members said. “This evolved process takes longer than before, which delays the announcement of promotions.”

The military is facing criticism of its screening as senior military personnel face allegations of illegal activity.Edmundson Other allegations of improper behavior were investigated by the military decades ago According to multiple sources, it was not billed.

The other three retirements

The new message of military leaders also nominates a former senior military leader who was ready to take over military command as one of the recently retired.

Retired lieutenant Trevor Cadieu is under military police investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct he denied.

Kadu He told CBC News in April that he continues to cooperate The investigation found that instead of “collecting salaries for an uncertain period” while the military was unable to hire him, he chose to retire and “sought other opportunities to contribute to greater profits.” ing”.

Lt.-Gen. Faced with intense public criticism after a controversial golf game, Mike Roulo will retire this summer. (Adrian Wild / Canada Press)

Deputy Admiral Craig Baines, a former Navy commander, and Vice Admiral, a former Deputy Commander of the Army. According to the message, Mike Roulo will also retire this summer.

After last year’s controversial golf game in the midst of the Force’s relentless sexual misconduct crisis, the pair faced intense public criticism.

Baines and Roulo confront General Jonathan Vance, a former top soldier who was under investigation by the military police at the time. Vance then admitted that he had a sexual relationship with his subordinate, Major Kelly Brennan, while he was the chief of the defense staff, after he denied the allegations.

April, Vance Convicted of obstructing justice According to court documents, he repeatedly contacted Brennan and tried to convince the investigators to make false statements about their relationship.

Senior military leader Trevor Kadu, who was poised to take command of the Canadian Army, retired earlier this month. (Phil LaPlante / CBC)

Provost marshal stays for another two years

Upon retirement, the army appointed a brigadier general. Simon Trudeau will stay for another two years as Marshal Provost of the Canadian Army. In that role, Trudeau is the commander of the gendarmerie and the adviser to the top soldiers on police issues.

The message stated that Trudeau would maintain its role while recommendations from a third-party review body were being implemented.

The announcement will be made on the same day that the military announced that Trudeau had recently apologized to two cadets of the Royal Military University for handling their case.A review by the gendarmerie guard dog found some issues The gendarmerie investigated the case at the Canadian Academy of Officers.

Last month, Trudeau too Canceled the appointment of another high-ranking police officer After facing sanctions three years ago for executives making sexual comments. Warrant Officer Jonathan Lacoste was appointed as the Warrant Officer of the Gendarmerie Branch through the “recently established internal process of the gendarmerie” spoken by the military. Fifth Estate I will review it now.

Earlier this week, Arbor announced that it had recommended removing the authority granted in 1998 from the military to investigate and prosecute sexual crimes.

“The handling of sexual crimes by military courts over the last two decades has done little to improve efficiency, discipline, and morale. If anything, it has helped erode it,” Arbor said. She released her report on Monday.

“Therefore, there is no evidence that the Canadian Army retains jurisdiction over sexual crimes, and that jurisdiction should be given exclusively to civilian authorities.”

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