Spitballin’ on Boeser’s contract and the Canucks’ coaching carousel

Also, this version of Spitballin’: Jack Rathbone signs a two-year contract to prove himself.

Spitballin'(or Super PButt Met To o Bulis: All in(If you love adventurous acronyms) is a feature that allows us to touch a lot of things really fast, as there are so many things to find and color in the hockey world all the time. Here are some simple topics.

Block Bozer’s big deal

NHL’s free distributors usually open on July 1st, and Canada Day isn’t a holiday, it’s one of the busiest days of the year for a hockey writer like me. The free agent didn’t open until July 13th, so I actually took advantage of spending a proper long weekend with my family.

So, of course, Vancouver Canucks did literally everything on July 1st.

The biggest news is that Brock Bozer has resigned a three-year contract with an average of $ 6.65 million a year.

For some time I’ve made it clear that three-year contracts are most likely the result of their contract negotiations. It’s a compromise for both parties.

Bozer just received a pending $ 7.5 million qualifying offer for the year and could do so next year, basically earning $ 15 million in two years. Instead, he earns $ 19.95 million in three years, giving him more security and more money in less than a year.

Canax would certainly have wanted to sign a long-term contract with Bozer — players with a Bozer caliber would rarely sign as a restricted free agent for less than four years — but his qualified offer would give him to Bozer. Gives the power to seek a shorter period of time to get unlimited free agents faster. It gives Bozer the opportunity to earn more on his next contract.

The advantage of Canucks is that it avoids arbitration with Boeser and avoids a $ 7.5 million cap hit over the next two years. Trading now can prevent many potential ugliness. On the other hand, they could kick themselves in three years when they have to pay from the nose to keep the bosa.

Both Bozer and Canax believe he can be much better than this past season. Bozer has been exposed to a lot of psychological stress over the past two years as his father’s condition, which has been dealing with Parkinson’s disease, cancer, heart attack and dementia, has deteriorated. Duke Bozer died on May 27 at the age of 61.

“Looking back at this year, I still had 23 goals and had the heaviest weight on my shoulders.” Bozer told Sportsnet Ian McIntyre.. “Because it doesn’t have that weight … that is, there’s still something there, but it’s a little different now. I know there’s a lot to prove, and I’m what I am I think I’m really driven to show everyone what I can do. “

Rathbone, Lockwood, and Juulsen resign cheap ones

Bozer wasn’t the only new deal announced by Canax on Canada Day. Obviously, Emily Castongeye is busy with her new role as Assistant GM. It’s great that she’s on the side of Canax after she signed a contract with Antoine Roussel on his behalf a few years ago.

Jack Rathbone has a two-year contract worth $ 850,000 a year, but the key to the contract is that it’s a one-way contract. He will be paid the same amount for both NHL and AHL.

This will give Lasborn some security over the next two years. With his low cap hit, he should easily fit on the Canax roster if teamed up. Proving that he is an NHL defenseman is basically a two-year period.

Rathbone is the beast of the AHL, scoring 40 points in 39 games and scoring at a game-by-game pace, but there are still some important question marks about his defense at the NHL level.

In addition, there are compatibility issues. Ideally, Rathbone would be the third pairing in the second power play time, but Oliver Ekman-Larsson is already playing in power play and is playing a 5 to 5 shutdown role. .. It doesn’t take full advantage of his offensive capabilities, which is not an ideal situation. Still, there must be some way for Kanax to make it work.

Canucks also traded with Will Lockwood and Noah Juulsen. Both are league-equivalent, two-way, one-year transactions with a minimum of $ 750,000 at the NHL level.

Rockwood is likely to remove Kanax from the camp as a bottom 6 energy winger next season, thanks to his speed and willingness to play, but I wish he had a slightly more aggressive touch. Rockwood hasn’t had points throughout his 15 NHL games in his career and is only a modest contributor at the AHL level.

If Canax wants to see a deeper score next season, Rockwood will have to prove he can offer it.

As for Jursen, he is essentially just the depth of his career at this point. The 25-year-old played a major role in Abbotsford Canux and participated in eight NHL games last season. Canax needs that depth to the right of the defense just in case, but don’t expect to see much of Jursen in the NHL next season.

Carousel Coaching: Show returns to Tortorella, Canax hires Yo

Kanax didn’t want to lose the Blood Show, but he received an offer he couldn’t refuse. Shaw will be the Associate Coach of John Tortorella, who was hired by the Philadelphia Flyers on a long-term contract and worked for Columbus Blue Jackets for five years.

The show is expected to handle Flyers defenses and penalty kills after playing a more general role in Canax.

Instead of the show, Kanax hired Mike Yeo, and more recently, the Flyers’ interim head coach. Yeo has a long coach resume, including Stint as head coach for Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues. Yo plays the same general role as the show and contributes in multiple areas. This makes sense given his history as a head coach.

Yeo is an interesting recruitment. In his time as a coach, he has shown a willingness to play a variety of systems, from aggressive four-line attacks in the wild to trap-style games in the blues.With President Jim Rutherford of Canax Openly talking about wanting to improve the elements of the Canucks systemPerhaps it’s where Yeo plays the biggest role alongside head coach Bruce Boudreau, like a breakout.

Canax promotes Cal and hires Coriton

The addition of Yaw wasn’t the only change to the Canucks coach, as Trent Cull announced that he had been promoted from Abbotsford Canucks head coach to Vancouver Canucks assistant coach.

in the meantime AHL outlook development is stagnant Over the past few years, Kanax still appreciates Cal as a coach.

Kal is expected to perform Canax defenses and penalty kills. In terms of its value, Abbotsford Canux achieved a 19th-place penalty kill at 80.3% in AHL last season.

Cal will replace Jeremy Colliton, who was recently head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks at Abbotsford. Colliton was the head coach of Mora IK for four years at Hockey Allsvenskan, Sweden. He happened to be an old club in Canucks GMPatrik Allvin when he was a defenseman rather than an executive.

Colliton previously coached the Conference Finals in 2018 after a successful AHL at the Rockford Ice Hoggs and last place in the previous year’s division. Although he did not have the same success with the Blackhawks, the 37-year-old coach is still widely regarded as a bright hockey mind and a solid adopter of the Canax.

Introducing Kachina Kanax

The Phoenix Coyote Kachina logo has grown to be one of the NHL’s most beloved logos. The unique design pays homage to the people of Pueblo in the southwest, especially the Hopi in Arizona.

Kachina is an ancestral spirit, and the beliefs of the people of Pueblo have hundreds of these spirits, and each tribe has its own spirit that acts as an intermediary between people and God.

What if every NHL team has a logo that represents their Kachina? It’s a question created by graphic designer Mickearlson. Kachina Design Imgur Threads for All Teams — Two for some teams.

Here are the two designs of Canax. One is based on Finn, the team’s orca mascot, and the other is based on Johnny Canuck.

Kachina Johnny

“I love the Johnny Canuck logo, so I had to do a Johnny-inspired Kachina,” said Michaelson. “I prefer this to Orca, but when I show both, it’s like a 50/50 split.”

Both are pretty cool, but my two favorite Kachina designs belong to the Detroit Red Wings and San Jose Sharks.

Kachina Red Wings

Katina shark

Check the thread For more information on his Kachina-inspired design.

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