The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes The Week Of May 9 – 15, 2022

We don’t promise a complete negative overhaul this week, but there will be moments in us hoping that everything will stop.

This is not the week we expected. It’s the second week of May, and May should be the best month ever.

Well, keep that in mind. For many of us, much of what makes this week rough is about perception. Is it really bad, or is it worse than necessary? That is the main question of the week. Should it be this bad, or can we change our spiritual space so that we don’t have to fall into a hole of despair?

When you come to understand that the planet is an obstacle here, you get harsh thoughts. First, there is the moon on the other side of Saturn, which passes through the moon on the other side of Mars, the moon on the other side of Neptune, and the moon on the other side of Venus.

That’s a lot of opposition going on, and believe me, we’ll feel it. And there is a big problem. Mercury, slipping into the town on May 10 and going backwards, is to remind us who our boss is here.

And when we learned something, we came to know that Mercury’s retrograde not only happened, but glide through it. In other words, as soon as the week begins, we are on the path of retrograde behavior.

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